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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:52 pm

Ok, thanks for dropping by here! I'll just put some basic rules here since we're just starting out, but please, DO FOLLOW THE RULES

  • No spamming
    -Posting something with just three letters or "duh, yeah, ...., xD" etc. is considered spamming. But if you can make sense with using just a three-letter word, I praise you.

  • Don't say bad words
    -This doesn't mean that we're in a free country you can say bs anytime. Use it with discretion Very Happy

  • Avoid pornography
    -Sorry if this made you sad. But please, don't post anything like that here, I'll be the one in trouble

  • Impostors are prohibited
    -This rule includes making multiple accounts.

  • Filipino, Taglish, English language is allowed
    -Japanese and Korean, too.

  • Walang epal

  • Do your assignments and study
    -Please do your assignments before posting here. If you won't, that's okay, we're not going to ban you or something. Just don't blame us if you get scolded by ma'am or sir the next day Smile

  • Don't bash
    -Intelligent discussions and debates are welcome, but don't cross the line too much Very Happy Don't bash someone's likes/interest, it may backfire to you. If you want to fight because of nonsense, just do it on the real world, not here xD

As the mods and I are still making up the rules, this list is not fully done. Any comments? violent reactions? want to add something? You can post it here
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General Rules
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